Friday, 15 May 2015

DroidJack V4.0 full version

DroidJack v4 Cracked ~ Hack any Android Device with it

Now its v4 was cracked and is available for sale now .There are major changes from v3 to v4 like apk ( virus ) encryption which makes it undetectable to antivirus programs.Added stability.and ability to remove functions.
By my opinion this DJ is best in the version so far.Just look at version list 

Features :

WhatsApp reader

- Read WhatsApp messages . However this feature requires cell to be rooted

Inbuilt android binder
- Bind your server APK with any other Game or App.

File Voyager
- Copy file from device to computer.
- Copy file from computer to device.
- Delete a file from the device.
- View properties of the file.

Message Trekker
- View all messages on the device.
- View inbox separately.
- View Outbox separately.
- View SMS chats.
- Send a SMS from the device.
- Add a SMS on the device.
- Search trough the SMS messages.
- Delete a SMS from the device.
- Backup SMS messages.

Call Manager 
- Listen to call conversations made on the device.
- Retrieve call logs.
- Make a phone call from the device.
- View logs from specific phone number.
- Backup call logs.

Contacts Browser
- List all the contacts in the device.
- Add a new contact.
- Delete contact.
- Call, send SMS to contact.
- Search contacts using name or phone number. - Backup contacts list.

Remote Ears
- Listen lively from the device's mic.
- Record the audio from the device's mic.

Browser History
- View history.
- View bookmarks.
-Search by tittle or url.

GPS Loacator
- Gets the last check in GPS location of the device, and shows it in google maps.

Message Toaster
- Toast a flash message on the device.

App Manager
- Get what app is running on the foreground.
- Get all installed apps on the device.
- Open an app on the device.

Detailed Info
- Get IMEI number.
- Get WiFi Mac Address.
- Get Cellphone Carrier.
- Check whether device is rooted.

Download :